3 Best Direct Flight to India From USA

direct flight to india from usa

While talking about direct flight to India from usa or cheaper airfares from USA to Delhi, India, it’s about 7300 miles. Which is why we always worry about time and duration. Check here for compiled information about the three best direct flights to India, along with two one-stop flight options to India with good leg room space in economy class.

Best Airline to Fly comfortably to India from USA:

Flights to India traveling in economy class are practically not that comfortable unless you travel in business class. For a student or 56% of travelers, it doesn’t seem to get cheap business class offers to fly in comfort. If we talk about price, the business class would be 2 or 3 times the economy coach class. Yes, it’s true, and you must have seen price differences on online flight ticket booking websites. So the question arises: how and which airline should be selected to fly long-haul flights?

What Make Long-haul Flight Comfortable in Economy Class:

Consider following economy-class comforts before selecting an airline.

1: Leg room space: It should be good if it is 31 inches.

2: Airline on-time rating.

3: Flight ticket price and discounts.

4: Process and fee to change or cancel a flight ticket if needed.

Best Direct flight to India from USA :

American Airline :

  • American Airlines Operates one flight every day from (New York) JFK to Delhi (India).
  • The American airlines ranking in 2023 is 7.97 out of 10.
  • Timings: Depart at 7:45 PM and arrive in Delhi at 9:35 PM.
  • Flying Miles From JFK to Delhi: 7304
  • Flying Hour : 15:20 Hours
  • Leg room space in economy class seats of American Airlines: 30 inches vary in equipment (aircraft).

United Airline :

  • Direct Flight to Delhi (India)
  • United airline Operates flights to India every day. Destination: Delhi from Newark (EWR) 
  • The United Airlines ranking for 2023 is 7.88 out of 10.
  • Flying Hours from EWR (USA) to Delhi (India): 15:00 Hours.
  • Leg room space in economy class seats of United Airlines: 31 inches vary in equipment (aircraft).
  • United Airlines operates two flights to Delhi (India). Morning (9:40 AM) and evening (8:20 PM)

Air India :

Air India (Direct Flight) Air-India National carrier of India (recently ordered to buy new Aircraft) keeps enhancing performances since undertaken by Tata Group.

  • Fly from EWR (US) to Delhi or Bombay
  • Fly from JFK (USA) to Delhi or Bombay.
  •  Flying Time from the EWR or JFK  USA to Delhi : 13:45 Hours
  • Fly from IAD to Delhi. Flying hours are 13:50 hours.
  • Fly from ORD to Delhi. Flying hours: 14:20 hours.
  • Fly from SFO to Delhi in 15:50 hours. 
  • Leg room space in economy class seats of Air-India: 31 to 34 inches vary in equipment (aircraft).

2 Best 1 Stop Airline to India from USA:

1 Qatar Airline:

  • Economy Class Leg Room 32 Inch.
  • Flying time: if we check JFK to Delhi, Qatar, it takes 16:00 hours + 2 hours of stay time at Doha Transit Point.
  • It takes 18 hours to reach Delhi.
  • Flying to multiple destination in India from USA.

2 Emirates Airline:

  • Economy class leg room, 32 inch.
  • Emirates take 15:45 minutes from JFK to Delhi + 2 hours at Dubai Transit.
  • Overall total time : 17:45 hours.
  • Flying to Multiple destination in India from USA.


When booking flight tickets to India, it is recommended to check the airline rating and the comfort of economy class. That is only due to long-haul flights, and you spend almost 20+ hours flying. The above list gives you an overview of direct and one-stop flight information. However, there is a list of airlines flying to India from the USA with different transit points or via different countries. You must check your visa status to see if you are eligible to travel through them.

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