COVID-19 International Travel Guidelines

For Adult Arrivals

The guidelines for international arrivals coming to India have been reviewed & formulated, taking a risk-based approach. The Government of India has amended the protocols for international travellers in the following manner. It has mandated that:

  • Effective 1st Jan. 2023 (1000 hours IST), all international passengers arriving/ transiting from high-risk countries must mandatorily self-declare on the Air Suvidha portal.
  • A negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report conducted within 72 hours of undertaking the journey from any of the high-risk countries must also be uploaded onto the Air Suvidha portal.
  • The 6 high-risk countries are China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Thailand and Japan.
  • Passengers transiting through high – risk countries, irrespective of their originating country before coming to any Indian Airport, must mandatorily self-declare on the Air Suvidha portal along with their negative RT-PCR certificate (as described above).
  • All precautionary measures instituted inside the airplane and at the airport (wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing) must be followed.

2% of passengers per flight will be randomly tested upon arrival at the airport. If they are found to be symptomatic or tested positive, they will be managed as per the standard protocol defined by the COVID-19 latest update. Exemption has been granted to arriving G20 delegates at Indian Airports from 2% random testing for Covid-19.

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